МСI - a company that operates completely independently and independently, providing our partners with professional service

The company provides services throughout Ukraine: Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Chornomorsk, Nikolaev, Kherson and other cities of Ukraine, as well as in European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, France, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Georgia.

The main directions of our activity

  • Inspection of quality and quantity of products, which includes sampling and sample preparation from consignment.
  • Inspection to determine the amount of cargo according to the draft of the vessel (draft survey – initial, intermediate, final).
  • Inspection of vessel holds prior to loading for cleanliness and suitability for cargo transportation.
  • Weighing control (supervision) on a railway scales.
  • Condition inspection for packaging and marking.
  • Inspection of wagons, containers for cleanliness and integrity.
  • Inspection on sealing railcars, containers, hatches.
  • Preloading inspections (visual and documentary control of the preparation of cargo and cargo documents); confirmation of the availability and quantity of cargo
  • Tally count of piece products.
  • Verification of manufacturer's certificates, consignment notes, acts of acceptance of goods issued in relation to the inspected consignment.
  • Inspection for determining the amount of cargo in the storage areas (bulk and piece) using theodolite and three-dimensional laser scanning.
  • Inspection of damaged containers or cargo using three-dimensional laser scanning.
  • Inspection on reweighing of cargo on floor and crane scales (big bags, piece products). Scales are owned by the company.
  • Inspection of cargo spaces using three-dimensional laser scanning.
  • Inspection on supervision of loading operations.
  • Ground 3D laser scanning: Scanning of buildings / structures, premises of industrial and civil construction objects (in the form of a cloud of points). Processing point clouds. Conducting quality control of production and construction of industrial and civil engineering using 3D scanning. Monitoring changes in geometry during the operation of industrial and civil construction using 3D scanning. Carrying out three-dimensional scanning and panoramic photography in the information modeling of operating objects. Definition of volumes of technological capacities. Determination of bulk materials and inventory of raw materials using 3D laser scanning. Determination of horizontal / vertical deviations (roll) and the degree of deflection of structural elements, identification of structural defects. Control over deformations of both existing and under construction structures for monitoring purposes.
  • Inspection for the calibration of capacities using three-dimensional laser scanning.
  • Inspection for product quality control at industrial enterprises.
  • Inspection for monitoring compliance with production requirements at different stages and according to customer’s requirements, monitoring compliance with technical regulations, technical standards, production technologies.
  • Laboratory testing of samples of minerals, metals and their alloys, metal products and fuels.
  • Issuing analysis certificates.
  • Infrared thermographic diagnostics.
  • Measurement of bulk materials and inventory of raw materials using modern 3D laser scanning technology.
  • Geodetics: High-altitude terrain surveying and contour terrain surveying, geodetic surveying for landscape design, topographical survey.
  • Geodesic monitoring: Geodesic monitoring of foundation settlement, monitoring of buildings, geodetic works to check the list/bank of structures, measuring the list of a building, engineering and geodetic surveys, monitoring of deformations during building settlement, determining the geometric parameters of structures and mechanisms.
  • Volumetric measurements: counting the volume of excavation and bulk materials, surveying to calculate the volume of soil.
  • Leveling: leveling of crane tracks, services for the preparation of a large-scale track scheme.
  • Equipment for monitoring the level and volume of grains and bulk materials in silos.
  • 3D visualization: 3D panoramas and virtual tours.
  • Control upon acceptance of scrap metal.
  • Outstaffing.
  • Outsourcing.

Our equipment

Our staff uses the latest equipment in their work, which allows them to carry out all types of work with the highest quality and speed. Our laboratory is equipped with new modern equipment that allows you to accurately and reliably receive the results of research and analysis, thereby guaranteeing customers a high-quality result.

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