Construction survey

The abundance of the most diverse types of measuring instruments (three-dimensional laser scanners, high-precision electronic total stations, etc.)
provides the surveyors with great opportunities to achieve the necessary accuracy of the measurements and increase the productivity of work, and
the use of classical methods makes the measurement data consistent with all existing SNIPs and GOSTs standards. MCI specialists have the
highest profile geodetic education and valid qualification certificates confirming the level of knowledge.

We can execute:

1. Geodetic breakdown of the route – removal of the route in kind;

2. Geodetic surveys for reconstruction;

3. Geodetic work on the executive survey;

4. Executive scheme (plan) and executive drawing (profile);

5. Breakdown of the axes of the building;

6. The removal of the axes of the building in kind;

7. Geodetic support of construction;

8. Surveying services for control survey;

9. Floor plan. Measurement drawing. Measurement plan;

10. Geodetic work on the measurement of premises and buildings;

11. Geodetic network. Reference network. Reference system.