3D scanning and modeling

We perform 3D scanning of any object, from small items, such as a coin, to buildings and other large objects.

To perform 3D scanning of buildings, streets, premises, we use a specialized Leica RTC 360 3D scanner to build the appearance of buildings outside and inside, streets, fences, large objects, capable of recognizing objects at long distances. The main task of this scanner is to convey the shape and relative position of interior items. The EinScan Pro HD scanner recreates even the smallest details of a physical object, providing the highest possible 3D scanning accuracy and building models with higher accuracy.

With the help of Leica RTC 360 and EinScan Pro HD 3D scanners, we can create a model of an entire house, as well as individual detailed architectural elements: emblems, columns, forging and various kinds of decor with high precision.

Conversion of digitized decorative objects into 3D models for further production on a 3D printer, CNC, bronze casting and more.

3D scanning of any physical object implies the collection of information for compiling its detailed digital copy, taking into account its geometric dimensions. Depending on the scanner specifications, the accuracy of the resulting polygonal models varies from tens to hundreds of microns.

At the moment, the main type of 3D scanning is contactless scanning, which is used in engineering design and production, architecture and art in order to solve problems in two directions – geometry control and reverse engineering.

3D scanning is the best way to build the most accurate 3D model of complex objects.

In our work we use EinScan Pro HD, a multifunctional portable 3D scanner that provides unrivaled performance of manual 3D scanning, while maintaining high resolution and accuracy. Versatility and powerful optimization ensure the most efficient and professional 3D scanning performance.

Impressive high resolution for fine detail

Thanks to the use of a new light projection structure, line scanning, which was traditionally used in fixed scan mode, is now used in HD hand-held scan mode. Minimum dot spacing of up to 0.2 mm with an optimized algorithm ensures high resolution and accuracy for both manual scanning and fixed scanning.


High precision for high quality 3D modeling

Depending on the positioning method, the scanner or objects may move during scanning. This scanner provides an accuracy of up to 0.04mm in fixed scan mode. In manual scanning mode using marker alignment, volumetric accuracy reaches 0.045 mm + 0.3 mm / m. Ability to scan objects with sizes from 30 mm to 8000 mm.


Fast scanning and data transfer speeds

EinScan Pro HD has a high scanning performance of up to 3,000,000 points per second in manual scan mode and less than 0.5 sec for each single frame in fixed scan mode.

Full color texture

With EinScan Pro HD, you can quickly get full color textures and geometry using the Color Pack module. In addition, rich color helps in aligning the data.