Equipment for monitoring the level and volume of grains and bulk materials in silos

Ensuring the accuracy of level measurements of bulk materials.

Measuring the level of powder/granular and bulk materials is not an easy process. When storing such materials, obtaining level readings presents a certain difficulty due to the need to measure volume to provide the most complete information. The measured surface is always uneven, most often with a high level of dust.

What if you could...

  • Make inventory management decisions based on comprehensive data
  • Increase security and improve the control of production processes
  • Overcome time-consuming maintenance problems
  • Ensure the accuracy of measurements of the level, volume, and mass of materials

We offer the following solutions for accurate stock measurement and control:

In order to improve operational efficiency, reduce the risks of “overflow” and optimize the delivery schedule, accurate measurement and control of stocks play a decisive role. Using a 3D bulk material scanner, you can easily take accurate measurements to track production, control processes, manage inventory, and forecast consumption. The three-dimensional scanner provides accurate measurement of bulk and powder materials regardless of the type of material or product characteristics, aggressive storage conditions, size of the silo, tank or storage container.

  • Obtaining high-precision measurements of level and volume.
  • Improving production output monitoring.
  • Obtaining data on what is happening in the hopper using a three-dimensional representation of the actual state of the surface of the product.

Increased security

The silo may collapse, resulting in disastrous consequences. This may occur due to uneven loading on the side wall caused by the accumulation of material, or uneven filling or emptying. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to use proven control systems. Thanks to three-dimensional visualization in the 3D software, you can fully see the distribution of material inside the hopper, which helps prevent the threat of structural damage to the container. 3D software provides the ability to remotely monitor stored materials, simplifying operator work and reducing costs. The operator no longer needs to climb onto the tank to carry out checks and manual measurements..

  • Timely visual detection of possible malfunctions.
  • Prevention of serious damage and operator safety.
  • Minimizing the need for level checking at the top of the tank.

Solving time-consuming maintenance problems.

The three-dimensional scanner is virtually maintenance-free. It does not have moving parts that can jam, it does not require re-calibration, and its self-cleaning function prevents deposits from accumulating on the antennas, ensuring reliable operation in high dust conditions. Three-dimensional visualization helps to better visualize the distribution of materials in the hopper, allowing you to plan maintenance in advance and avoid breakdowns and downtime.

  • Ability to schedule service.
  • Eliminating the need for manual measurements.
  • No need for special calibration.
  • Lack of moving parts and risk of jamming.
  • Continuous self-cleaning, reducing maintenance time.

Ensuring the accuracy of measuring the level of bulk materials.

An uneven surface and high dustiness are not a problem for a non-contact 3D bulk material scanner that measures volume as well as minimum, maximum and average levels of stored materials. Low-frequency sound waves allow the signal to penetrate through the dust, creating an image of the surface of the stored materials and while ensuring the accuracy of measuring the level of bulk materials.

The scanner is available in three models, each for its own application:

L-Series 3D Scanner:

The scanner is optimized for measuring average level. Its beam of small width concentrates the signal in small areas and provides a basic level measurement.

V-Series 3D Scanner:

Provides high accuracy of level and volume indications. It works in most bins and allows you to change the angle of the measuring beam.

S-Series 3D Scanner:

Offers the same functionality as the V-series, but includes additional software that allows you to perform three-dimensional visualization of stored content. This feature is useful for displaying deposits and various irregularities. In super-large silos, multiple scanners may be required to cover the entire area. To provide content in a single form, the system software combines their signals. Allowing you to take measurements in previously inaccessible areas, the three-dimensional scanner of bulk materials quickly and easily integrates into the existing ERP system of the enterprise, providing greater control over stocks and the entire production process, optimizing potential opportunities to increase overall efficiency and profit.

Measurement of stocks in large storage facilities.

If necessary, measurement over wide bins, large open tanks, storage facilities for bulk materials and warehouses, the system of three-dimensional scanners is the perfect solution. A three-dimensional scanner is capable of measuring almost any material over a wide area, but in some cases several scanners may be needed. The output signals from scanners are combined into one three-dimensional map of the entire surface. Applications include:

  • Coal silos in power plants.
  • Large chambers for storing sugar and fertilizers.
  • Large silos for storing grain, cereals, etc.
  • Large clinkers and other large bunkers on cement plants.
  • Wide storage facilities and open tanks.

Reliable and safe level measurement in the most difficult conditions.

The system of three-dimensional scanners of bulk materials functions as a single device.

  • Scanners are synchronized so that they do not interfere with each other.
  • Accounting for a complete set of measurement points for mapping from all scanners.
  • Combined visualization of the entire surface.

Simple level control of multiple silos simultaneously.

МMonitoring reservoirs at several remote sites is quite challenging. Only accurate information based on real-time conditions is required. 3D software provides a high-tech analysis of current conditions, as well as data for past periods, allowing you to improve work processes while reducing operating costs.

The software provides the following information:

  • Volume;
  • Min./ max. level or distance to the product;
  • Mass (with a given density).

Scanners interact with the PC through the interface. The operator gets access to both real-time data and data from past periods stored on the server.

The software displays measurement results and general information

Precise inventory management in real time.

  • Real-time integration of accurate readings of silo contents and stock levels
  • Possibility of application in the areas of replenishment of reserves, supply chain and finance
  • Timely receipt of reports on the effectiveness of work from storage and production sites
  • Combining technology and inventory tracking processes

3D increases efficiency and security. The 3D package allows remote monitoring of the entire volume of stored materials. This reduces costs and increases the safety of staff.

3D software allows to receive in real time data on stocks from storage tanks/silos of any sizes and groups of tanks/silos located at any object