Inspection Services

We provide the following types of services:

    1. 1. Inspection of quality and quantity of products, which includes sampling and sample preparation from consignment
    2. 2. Inspection to determine the amount of cargo according to the draft of the vessel (draft survey – initial, intermediate, final).
    3. 3. Inspection of vessel holds prior to loading for cleanliness and suitability for cargo transportation.
    4. 4. Inspection of vessel holds for water resistance (ultrasound test).
    5. 5. Weighing control (supervision) on a railway scales.
    6. 6. Condition inspection for packaging and marking.
    7. 7. Inspection of wagons, containers for cleanliness and integrity.
      1. 8.Inspections on sealing railcars, containers, hatches.
      2. 9.Preloading inspections (visual and documentary control of the preparation of cargo and cargo documents); confirmation of the availability and quantity of cargo.
      3. 10.Tally count of piece products.
      4. 11.Verification of manufacturers certificates, consignment notes, acts of acceptance of goods issued in relation to the inspected consignment.
      5. 12.Inspection for determining the amount of cargo in the storage areas (bulk and piece) using theodolite and three-dimensional laser scanning.
      6. 13.Inspection of damaged containers or cargo using three-dimensional laser scanning.
      7. 14.Inspections on reweighing of cargo on floor and crane scales (big bags, piece products). Scales are owned by the company.
      8. 15.Inspection of cargo spaces using three-dimensional laser scanning.
      9. 16. Loading supervision.
      10. 17.Inspection for the calibration of capacities using three-dimensional laser scanning.
      11. 18.Inspection for product quality control at industrial enterprises.
      12. 19.Inspection for monitoring compliance with production requirements at different stages and according to customer’s requirements, monitoring compliance with technical regulations, technical standards, production technologies.