Outsourcing is the refusal of the company to independently perform a number of functions or parts of business processes that are not critical for the business and transfer them to a third-party contractor that specializes in providing such services. As a rule, outsourcing belongs to the category of strategic decisions. The main principle of outsourcing is "I leave behind my company only what I do better than others, I give to the external contractor what he does better than others."

Outsourcing also answers the question – to buy on the market or to do everything you need to effectively conduct a business, and at the same time three criteria are decisive:

  • Cost of manufacturing products or services;
  • Quality of products or (and) services of the enterprise;
  • Owner’s strategic attitude to business.

The main results of outsourcing are cost reduction, business efficiency is increasing accordingly, it is possible to free up a number of resources to develop new areas or focus on existing ones. Production outsourcing should be noted separately as a type of outsourcing when business processes of production of a product or a number of its components can be partially or fully transferred to an external structure


  • reduction and full control of costs (usually the cost of the services of an outsourcer company is less than the cost of the customer company to perform the same function);
  • savings on payroll taxes (own staff is no longer used);
  • staff reduction;
  • release of customer internal resources for other tasks;
  • customer focus on its core business;
  • involvement of specialized equipment, knowledge, technology of the outsourcing company.

We are ready to analyze the business processes at your enterprise and offer a package of outsourcing services that will reduce the number of employees, improve and systematize technical processes (production, quality control, equipment operation, procurement, etc.), which in turn will lead to lower expenses of Your organization.