Tallyman is a person who records cargo during loading or unloading operations. Typically, the services of a tallyman are resorted to at the reception and delivery of goods transported on the account of the packages.

Tally receipt is a cargo document certifying the amount of cargo and its condition upon receipt on a vessel or delivery at the port of destination. It is made up by cargo counters – tallymen.

Tally is a physical calculation of all loaded and unloaded packages (units of cargo) with recording the results on the tally sheet. Tally sheets are the primary source of information about the cargo and, as a rule, contain not only information about the quantity of cargo, but also comments on the state of packaging and marking, as well as data on damage to the cargo (quantity and size). Such a cargo account is primarily focused on controlling the amount of cargo at all stages of transportation, but at the same time aims to describe the state of the cargo. The range of tally services includes providing a daily report, maintaining tally sheets and writing a final survey report, which is the main document certifying the quantity of goods.

The services of professional tallymen allow to:

1. Оbtain an accurate idea of the quantity and quality of cargo at the time of transshipment.

2. Get information about the number and condition of the cargo during cargo operations. Our company has a staff of professional tallymen / inspectors who will carry out the cargo account in a precise manner. In addition, inspectors ensure that the goods are not damaged during loading, unloading or transshipment.

Tally service is the simplest and most flexible type of survey services. Despite the apparent simplicity, in each case we propose the most suitable method of performing the calculation / weighing of the goods.