Tank Calibration

Laser scanning technology and modern software for processing the results of laser scanning allow to accurately calibrate tanks of any size and any
shape regardless of the deviation of the shape of the tanks from the design documentation, as well as from the inclination of the axes of the tanks. High measurement accuracy and high density of 3D scanning points make it possible to take into account the slightest irregularities in the walls and bottom of tanks, up to irregularities caused by welds between steel sheets.

Three-dimensional laser scanning of the internal space of the tanks makes it possible to measure and take into account in the created calibration tables the volumes occupied by the structures of the tank reinforcing frame, heating pipes, ladders, as well as any other equipment or structures located inside the tank. Modern software for the analysis of 3D scanning data opens up excellent opportunities for analyzing the unevenness of the walls and bottom of tanks, the deviation of the shape of the walls of the tanks from the design cylindrical shape, the deviation of the shape of the bottom from the design plane or cone.

The advantages of using modern technology of three-dimensional laser scanning for calibration purposes are especially noticeable when calibrating large volume tanks, for which the use of calibration methods using static or dynamic methods is limited due to their limited accuracy and high cost for such large tank volumes.

The measuring department of the company “MSI” has successfully passed accreditation in the SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”

The State Enterprise “All-Ukrainian State Scientific and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Consumer Rights Protection” (SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”) has confirmed the conformity of the equipment and the qualifications of the personnel of the measuring department of the company “MSI”.

This is evidenced by the received certificate (No. ПT-72/21 dated 12.02.2021) issued to the company MSI LLC, which is valid until 11.10.2022.

This enables the measuring department of the company “MSI” to provide the following certified services:

1. Graduation of tanks;

2. Graduation of tanks; Determination of the volume of bulk materials in warehouses and in containers.

At the end of the measurements, the customer is given a measurement protocol of the established form.