Our Prices

Our dear partners, all prices for the services provided are discussed individually by the fact that:

Currently, many web resources indicate too low prices for the services provided. It is worth considering why this is happening. Each of us does not mind saving money, but if a service priced at 5,000 hryvnias (abt. USD 200) is sold online for only 500 hryvnias (abt. USD 20), you might think: “What is the catch? It is too good to be true! Apparently, this is a bad service! ”; or you will think that the cost of the service is indicated very low so that you contact the company and while communicating with the company’s representatives, the price of the service indicated on the company’s website will increase many times and you will be right. When pricing the services provided by our company, the cost
of services does not decrease due to:

1. Quality of the services provided.

2. Involvement of low-skilled personnel or even unskilled staff in the performance of services.

3. Reduction of number of personnel involved in the performance of services, which ultimately leads to poor execution of services.

4. The use of hardware and software of dubious history while services performance.

5. Using obsolete and outdated equipment.

6. Using rental equipment.

7. Using low quality equipment.

Also, we do not mislead our partners by publishing low prices on the site.

In order to calculate the optimal cost of the service, together you and we will need to calculate three options for the ideal price: the optimal price in relation to competitors, the optimal price in your opinion and the optimal cost of the service from the point of view of our company.
  • The optimal price in relation to competitors is such a cost of services that allows services to look attractive against competitors. The optimal price is calculated on the basis of the principles of price competition and usually represents a price corridor (from and to), within which the price of the service will ensure the competitiveness of the service.
  • The optimal price, in your opinion, the opinion of our dear partners, is the cost of the service that you are willing to pay for the service knowing its properties and advantages.
  • The optimal price from the point of view of the company is such a cost of the service that allows you to get the required level of profit from the sale of services to ensure the necessary margin of the company.
  • We would like to assure you that after calculating the options for the ideal price for the service, the price will be truly ideal for you and the quality of the services provided will be at the highest level.